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I made this on-the-spot.  I found some ingredients in the kitchen and threw this together.
Cuisine: unknown
12.01.2016 · From march87ls
Corn beef hash. Watch the video. A hearty breakfast. Serve it with eggs and bacon out in the wilderness camping somewhere beautiful. For now, I get to eat it in my kitchen.
Cuisine: unknown
29.11.2015 · From march87ls
I had a chance to learn a new recipe from my dad. It's a mung bean soup with spinach. In the video we used pork but just about any meat can be used such as chicken, shrimp, beef, and I'm sure one can try it with tofu!
Cuisine: unknown
16.11.2015 · From march87ls
Here's a very quick chicken marinade they can do in about 10 minutes.
Cuisine: unknown
15.09.2015 · From march87ls
I found that I can mix a cauliflower and ground chicken recipe with a spring mix salad and it tasted great. High satiety and lots of fiber.
Cuisine: unknown
15.07.2015 · From march87ls
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Sept17-15: I just posted this site live and will be filling these descriptions and adding the ingredients. The issue for me is finding the recipes as it`s been a while since I`ve actually made some of this and my recipes are tucked away somewhere and I need to find them.


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