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A superb omelette with Monterey Jack Cheese with hot peppers. It's basically a normal omelette but with cheese and some hot sauce/peppers added. 
Cuisine: unknown
30.08.2014 · From march87ls
Easy to make and it hits my sweet and carb cravings. It refrigerates well and I nibble on these when I feel like something sweet. Pour on the peanut butter or whipped cream.
Cuisine: unknown
31.08.2014 · From march87ls
Thick, flavour-intense chick peas with spinach. A spiced family favourite that is relatively simple to prepare with 40 minutes cooking time, and often served with rice.
Cuisine: unknown
30.01.2015 · From march87ls
This is a recipe that was originally a bread roll recipe. I figure a bun is basically just a bigger bread roll. Amirite? This is easy to make and has a really texture. Sorry the only pic I've got is the burger shot at this time.
Cuisine: unknown
30.08.2014 · From march87ls
Just as it sounds. This is a quick easy and satiating snack.
Cuisine: unknown
30.08.2014 · From march87ls
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Sept17-15: I just posted this site live and will be filling these descriptions and adding the ingredients. The issue for me is finding the recipes as it`s been a while since I`ve actually made some of this and my recipes are tucked away somewhere and I need to find them.


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